Holy Ghost School

Our Governors

Dr Richard Bogle
Chair of Governors. 
Appointed by Diocese
2019 – 2023

John Kielty
Vice Chair of Governors. Finance & Estates (Chair) Appointed by Diocese.
2018 – 2022

Marika Gottardi
 Appointed by Diocese, Foundation Governor, Curriculum and Personnel, Pay and Safeguarding Committee (Chair).
2019 – 2023

Susan Lawless 
Headteacher Ex – Officio Curriculum,
Personnel, Finance and
Estates Committees.

Caroline Usher 
Finance & Estates. LA Governor.
2020 – 2024

Nick Birmingham
 Parent Governor, Finance and
Estates, Elected by Parents.
2019 – 2023

Kathy Robinson MBE
Curriculum Committee (Chair). Appointed by Diocese.
2017 – 2021

Gabriella Murphy
Associate Governor.
2017 – 2021

Susan Jones
Associate Governor. Curriculum Committee.
2018 – 2022

Emily Hacking
Clerk for Governors and Curriculum Committee

Fr. Richard Whinder
Curriculum Committee.
Appointed by Diocese.

Bola Shoderu
Finance & Estates Committee Appointed by Diocese.

Elisa Sicking
Elected by Parents, Finance and Estates Committee.
2019 – 2023

Chioma Etienne
Curriculum Committee. Appointed by Diocese.

Fr Giovanni Prandini
Personnel, Pay and Safeguarding Committee.
Appointed by Diocese

Cheryl Ferguson
Teacher Governor