Religious Education at Holy Ghost

Spiritual Life of the School


School Prayer

Written by our Year 6 Chaplains, we wanted our school prayer to reflect the thoughts and ideas of all the children. We gathered every-one’s ideas, and wrote a number of drafts before we were happy with the final version.  The Holy Spirit is the patron of our school, which is why we decided to dedicate the prayer to Him.



School Chaplains

The Year 6 Chaplains are commissioned for their work by the Parish Priest, Fr Richard, at the beginning of each year. Mr Kielty also joins the commissioning service, because he is the governor responsible for Religious Education in our school.

The Chaplains ensure that the focal table for worship is ready each week, and help to focus the younger children on their prayers, especially Reception when they are new. They help with pupil led worship; act as buddies for Mass, and generate ideas for promoting the Catholic life of the school, from the perspective of the pupils.

Year 6 are now recruiting some helpers from other KS2 classes to carry on the good work of the pupil Chaplaincy team.



Our Priests

Our Parish Priest is Fr Richard, and Fr Tom assists him in the parish. Both of our priests work very hard for us.  Fr Tom is our school Chaplain.  He visits our classes every week, and helps us to understand more about God, and the importance of our relationship with Jesus.  We love it when he wears his football shirt.


Father Richard

Father Giovanni




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We use ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’ series to help us to understand the religious content specified by the Religious Education Curriculum Directory for all age groups.


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