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Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School

Religious Education

Religious Education at Holy Ghost

At the heart of our school, is our Catholic mission, which gives us our identity as a school and reaches into every aspect of our work.  

In keeping with our mission statement, we aim to work alongside parents to bring children to a deeper understanding of the truths of their Catholic faith.

Through explicit teaching about Jesus and the Church, and the development of prayer and worship in school, we provide daily experiences where children live the gospel values; have respect for the opinions and beliefs of others, and grow in their faith.

Our curriculum is Christ-centred and daily school life is permeated with activities which promote the Catholic life of the school.  Every classroom has a focal point designed to lead the children to pray; interact with their faith, as well as to reflect current learning in Religious Education.  Our priests visit the classrooms each week.  The children regularly attend Mass with the Parish, and the school assists the parish programmes by delivering the teaching and preparation for First Holy Communion and First Confession for our Year 3 pupils. The school organises Confession for pupils during Advent and Lent.

We have a Christ - centred curriculum

Holy Ghost RE Policy

Religious Education is taught using “The Way, The Truth and The Life” scheme.  This acts only as a starting point to our teaching of RE and teachers  take the learning much deeper to allow for a greater level of learning and understanding. We focus on helping the children to think theologically, ethically and spiritually. The teaching of other faiths is also an important aspect of our RE curriculum.

Our RE teaching encourages our children to gain a better understanding of  the scripture messages and to make links with other scripture as well as their own lives.

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Key stage One and Reception lead the Nativity each year.  Years 3 and 4 lead the re-enacting of Christ’s Passion during Lent, and we mark significant moments in the liturgical year – especially at Pentecost to celebrate the Holy Spirit’s coming – and our feast day. 

Our Year 6 pupil chaplains are currently working on taking a lead with school worship, and, in turn, each class is expected to help children.

Each class has its own patron Saint, to whom they pray and about whom they learn. They also celebrate their Saint’s feast day.


Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) is provided in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, and in such a way that it encourages pupils to consider morals, and the value of family life.

Relationship and Sex Education Policy