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Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School

Physical Education

At Holy Ghost there is a strong and well supported approach to physical activity in its every day routine.

The school is energetic and fast moving and the provision of Physical Education in the curriculum through safe, varied and thorough teaching, makes it a unique and vital way to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Our provision of PE intends to:

  • KS1 Sports DayEngage the children in 2 hours of physical activity weekly. 
  • Encourage the children to participate in club activities provided both before and after school. 
  • Steer the children towards joining local clubs and be involved in active events in the local community. 
  • Nurture a wish to lead (Young Leader’s programme), initiate change (Sports’ Representative on the School Council) and discover preference by teaching a varied, broad and transferable set of skills. 
  • Enable children to understand their goals, set their own targets and evaluate their progress in a range of activities. 
  • Develop an understanding of how to measure success, how to acknowledge success in others and in themselves. 
  • Embrace the positive effects of physical activity and to promote a healthy lifestyle enabling the children to make informed decisions about the part exercise will play in their lives. 
  • Give opportunities for the children to compete individually and in small groups, both in Level 1 Competitions (Intra-school events) and in Level 2 Competitions (Inter-school events). 
  • Provide a safe space for children to experience physical and mental challenges, encourage discussion, recognition and give permission to have these feelings. As an extension to this provision, this safe space should also serve to explore solutions and consider ways to manage these feelings. 
  • Recognising the value of resilience and to clearly see the steps that can be taken by anyone to achieve resilience. 


     PE Programme of Study