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Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School



Our children are provided with experience of real value, which develop their language:

  • to master important concepts and to think
  • to engage in dialogue with communicates and deepens understanding
  • to produce work of a highly creative and aesthetic quality, with correctly formed cursive handwriting

This involves: 

  • the acquisition of a wide working vocabulary
  • clear expression of thoughts, using correct syntax and spelling
  • understanding the use of grammar in writing
  • clear articulation of speech, with awareness of purpose and audience
  • becoming a fluid, avid and analytical reader
  • becoming a competent writer for a range of purposes. 
  • Teachers themselves being models of excellence in their own use of language, and using models of excellent from literature, from all the other forms of written English and from audio-visual resources. 
  • Exploiting all areas of learning for language development
  • All pupils achieving a real appreciation and enjoyment of the aesthetic use of language and activity engaging in creative work themselves.