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Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School

Design and Technology

Design and technology at Holy Ghost allows children to combine their creativity and imagination with their developing knowledge and skills to design and create products and solve problems.

We encourage the children to go through every part of the process of designing a product, from considering their target audience, to how evaluating how they might improve the product the next time. Over the course of their time at Holy Ghost, children will have the opportunity to plan and cook meals from different cultures, create electrical board games, and design and sew slippers for a fashion show. All of these amazing opportunities allow the children to be both artistic, and ambitious in their process, whilst developing skills over a number of years.


  • Develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world.
  • Follow a process clearly-applying prior knowledge and new knowledge to their pieces.
  • Build and apply their knowledge, understanding and skills in order to design and make high-quality prototypes and products for a wide range of users.
  • Critique, evaluate and test their ideas and products and the work of others suggesting improvements where needed.

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