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Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School

Personal Development

At Holy Ghost, we aim to ensure every child achieves personal growth as characters, as learners and as members of a Catholic community.

We ensure that all our Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) teaching is based upon and centred around the teachings of the Catholic Church and delivered alongside spiritual, moral, social and cultural teaching (SMSC). 

We integrate PSHE throughout our week, within a variety of subjects and periods of worship. We link our collective workshops, whole school worships and Key Stage worships with our PSHE curriculum. SMSC and Rights Respecting values are also integrated throughout these periods, further promoting children’s personal development. 


  • To encourage children at our school to build strong inter-personal relationships, fostering mutual respect between all regardless of age, gender, race, religion, capability or occupation. 
  • To celebrate the achievements of all in our community, at school, at Church and locally. 
  • Encourage children to make healthy life choices and lead healthy lifestyles. 
  • Encourage, develop and discuss own and others’ feelings and emotions, building a range of strategies and support networks during times of need.