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Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School


History is the enabling of children, by staff, to fully understand the past and to learn from it.

What influences us, how history has shaped our values, and it allows us to explore the cultures of many different people over many different time periods. It builds up a range of skills that intrinsically link to other areas of the curriculum; literacy, maths, art and more. By building analysis skills in children across the school, we enable them to draw references from each history topic they cover and we see a progression of these skills as they go through the school. 


Pupils will:Building an Anderson Shelter

  • Develop an interest in the past of both Britain and the rest of the world.
  • Use a variety of sources and evidence to enhance their understanding. 
  • As they progress, analyse the effectiveness of different sources of information.
  • Understand how the past has influenced the present.
  • Make enquiries using well developed questions.
  • Use technology effectively to aid their learning. 

History Programme of Study