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Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School


At Holy Ghost School, the teaching of science promotes a curiosity and a love of learning, nurturing children’s awe and wonder, and encouraging them to develop an understanding and respect for the natural world.

Science learning equips children with the ability to communicate scientifically, for them to ask scientific questions, predict, hypothesise, test and explain in a scientific way, and to develop, model and evaluate explanations through scientific methods of collecting evidence using critical and creative thinking. 

A significant proportion of learning for all pupils is though scientific investigation, focussing on the key features of observing over time; pattern seeking; identifying, classifying and grouping and comparative and fait testing, enabling children to develop and deepen understanding in biology, chemistry and physics. Children develop an understanding of the safe and appropriate use of appropriate scientific equipment and materials. 



At Holy Ghost, our aspiration is to promote a positive image of science, scientists and theories and to be able to discuss, where relevant, current scientific issues and debates, building links to real life experiences. 

Children are given the opportunities to deepen thinking and achieve at the highest level in both scientific knowledge and working scientifically. 

We strive to achieve personal growth for all children by giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence to approach scientific enquiries, discussions and questions. 

Science Programme of Study