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Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School

School Chaplains

Our School Chaplains

Hello, we are the Holy Ghost Chaplains. We have worked together this year to assist promoting our catholic faith in school, leading our peers during prayer and inspire all to follow in Jesus’ footsteps through our role as servant leaders. 

We have lots of ideas on how to live out our faith, and actively show this to the whole school community. Throughout the year we aim to support our community, focusing on local, national and international charities, through fundraising and campaigning activities.  

  • Southwark Cathedral Mass

Our first job this year was to attend the ‘New School Year Mass’ at Southwark Cathedral. We met Archbishop John Wilson and enjoyed listing to him preach about the importance of being leaders of the church and our faith. We found it very inspiring!

  • Rosary

We lead individual prayer sessions in each class saying the Rosary. We created our own presentation to lead our peers through this sessions, held and assembly on it, thought of ideas to help teach the importance of the Rosary and saying the Hail Mary. Our Rosary month finished with us leading the Rosary alongside Father Giovanni in church one morning. 

  • Saint Peter and Saint Paul

We have been privileges to lead and organise many whole school masses. For this Holy Day of obligation we wrote the bidding prayers which were read in mass. 

  • Foodbank

This year, a highlight for us was organising and helping collect and sort food for the Trussell Trust. We packed many cans and bags of food and sorted all of the sanitary products. It took many trips to fill Miss Murphy’s car!

  • Assemblies 

We have created and delivered assemblies of key initiatives we have lead this year, such as ‘The Big Lent Walk’, an assembly on The Rosary and how we pray it and Lent, explaining it’s importance and how we will be following this important period.