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Welcome to Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School. We believe that a Catholic education develops the full potential of all young people, leading to their life-long activities being guided by the Spirit and presence of Christ, in the service of God and of others.

The role of a Catholic school is to help everyone in the school community to discover the true value and dignity of each and every human being. As stated in our mission statement, our learning is ‘a joyful celebration of God’s creation and a lasting source of radiance and wonder.’ We strive for our pupils to discover a sense of wonder and pride for their faith.

In keeping with our mission statement, we aim to work alongside parents to bring children to a deeper understanding of the truths of their Catholic faith. Parents are the first educators of their child in faith and a strong home-school link is fundamental in supporting the school in its mission. Together, we provide support for the faith community and helping to form a Christian conscience.

Through explicit teaching about Jesus and the Church, and the development of prayer and worship in school, we provide daily experiences where children live the gospel values; have respect for the opinions and beliefs of others and grow in their faith.

Please read our most recent Section 48 Inspection Report by clicking on the link below

Section 48 Inspection

Our Catholic Values 

This year each class was visited by a CAFOD member who held a session discussing what our catholic social values are. In these sessions we looked at how we can be Catholic stewards on earth, promote justice, give preferential help to he poor, looking to work and give to whoever the need is greatest. We learnt and discussed how no one should ever be beyond reach of the love and support that they need and deserve. 

Class Masses and Visits

Each week one class will attend mass with the parish. We attend masses on days of holy obligation and welcome all parents to join us. 

Our school chaplain, Father Giovanni, visits our classes weekly to discuss questions which the class have devised. These can be based on our RE learning that week or on wider topics. These visits are welcomed each week and it allows each year group to have time to contemplate with Father. 

Some of the questions which children have asked in KS1 so far are: 

Is Jesus our King? 

Why is Jesus the light of the world? 

How did God make our world? 

And in KS2: 

Can you explain the Holy Spirit to us and help us understand when we can feel its presence? 

How does it feel to perform Mass as a priest? 

We have been studying justice and looking at Martin Luther King, Father Pedro and Oscar Romero-who do you think is the greatest example of justice? 

What should we say to God when we pray to ask for forgiveness like Jonah had to when he was in the whale? 

The Rosary

Each year we celebrate the Rosary in school and in our parish church. The children learn the importance of the Rosary, with KS1 focussing on learning the Hail Mary, whilst in KS2 we focusing more detail about the four mysteries. Each pupil created a small Rosary prayer booklet to use in October and May to assist when they prayed the rosary. Our chaplains led a prayer session in each class and we welcomed parents to pray the Rosary with us in church before school. 

Helping Others Around Us 

Harvest Foodbank. This year in October each pupil bought in donations for the The Trussel Trust to help others who are not as fortunate as us. Our chaplains sorted the donations, packed the car and they were taken to Wandsworth Food Bank. Our donations estimated at 150.5kg and would provide over 380 meals for those in need. 

Our Lenten Promises

At the beginning of Lent our chaplains led an assembly focusing on the importance of prayer and almsgiving. Each class created their own prayer box to use each day and class prayer bags allowed pupils to have the opportunity to pray for others during daily prayer. Each class thought of one thing that they could take up and give up to help bring them closer to God during this time. 

CAFOD Fundraising 

This year we have raised over £200 for the Big Lent Walk. This Lent CAFOD walk supports families with skills and tools that they have asked for to fight the climate crisis. Our chaplains held an assembly where they explained how each class would be running/walking laps of our school playground to walk 200km as a class. 


In May we celebrated the feast day of Pentecost. Each class spent a day learning and celebrating the miracle of receiving the Holy Spirit. We spent time looking at different scripture, looking at the symbolism of the Holy Spirit and understanding how this can be seen as the start of our Holy Church. We finished the day with an assembly where each class shared the learning which had taken place that day!

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