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Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School


A Holy Ghost we recognise the benefits of speaking and learning an additional language and all children from Year 1 through to Year 6 have a weekly French Lesson

  • Through languages children can discover many other cultures and customs.
  • Thinking in two languages enhances flexibility and multi-tasking across the wider curriculum.
  • Communicating in different languages can open a whole world of opportunities.
  • Children who are exposed to languages at an early age, find it easier to develop their linguistic skills.


  • The aim is to promote an initial and continuing interest in French.
  • To enable all KS2 pupils to converse and write (as appropriate) in the French language. 
  • To enjoy the culture and lifestyle of a foreign country.
  • To develop the confidence to achieve this at a very young age.
  • To have high expectations of the children in the learning of the French language.