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Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School

Prayer and Liturgy

Class Masses and Visits

Each week one class will attend mass on a Tuesday at 9.30am with the parish. We attend masses on days of Holy Obligation and welcome all parents to join us. 

Our school chaplain, visits our classes weekly to discuss questions which the class have raised. These can be based on our RE learning that week or on wider topics. These visits are welcomed each week and it allows each year group to have time to contemplate with Father. 

Some of the questions which children have asked in KS1 so far are: 

Is Jesus our King? 

Why is Jesus the light of the world? 

How did God make our world? 

And in KS2: 

Can you explain the Holy Spirit to us and help us understand when we can feel its presence? 

How does it feel to perform Mass as a priest? 

We have been studying justice and looking at Martin Luther King, Father Pedro and Oscar Romero-who do you think is the greatest example of justice? 

What should we say to God when we pray to ask for forgiveness like Jonah had to when he was in the whale? 

 Prayer Club

Please watch this space for further information.

 The Rosary

Pope St. John XXIII said, “The Rosary is a school for learning true Christian perfection.”

The Rosary draws its mysteries from the New Testament and is centred on the great events of the Incarnation and Redemption with each decade referring to an event in the life of Jesus and Mary. The Mysteries of the Rosary give us “thumbnails” of the life of Christ and his Mother.

  • The Joyful Mysteries are taken mostly from Saint Luke’s Gospel in the New Testament. They involve the joyful events of Jesus’ childhood.
  • The Luminous Mysteries bring a deeper understanding to the public life of Jesus. They fill in the blanks between the childhood of Jesus and His suffering and death on the cross.
  • The Sorrowful Mysteries remind us of how much Jesus loves us. They recall how He suffered and died just for us.
  • The Glorious Mysteries tell us what happened after Jesus died-His Resurrection, the descent of the Holy Spirit and the love Jesus had for his Mother.

In the month of October, we celebrate and pray the Rosary. We have hold a series of events to pray together and deepen our understanding of how we pray the Rosary, what each aspect of the Rosary represents and what the mysteries are. We hold two assemblies, one based on the understanding of what the Rosary is, why we pray with it and what the mysteries are. The other focuses on how we pray the Rosary.

During this month we are fortunate for the following events to take place:

  • Creating a class book on how to pray the rosary
  • Praying the Rosary with our class chaplains
  • Praying the Rosary in Church where all parents are invited

Rosary Assembly 

 Please see below a useful website that explains the Rosary in more detail. 

Unlocking the Rosary Mysteries


Wednesday Word

As chaplains, we initiated the Wednesday Word program within our school community. Each Wednesday, we engage with students in their classrooms to explore the forthcoming gospel and delve into the significance of the liturgy. Subsequently, every student receives a copy of the Wednesday Word to take home. They have the option to participate in the activities provided on the sheet, with the opportunity to win a special prize offered by Miss Murphy.