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Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School


Geography provokes questions about the natural and human world and seeks to provide children with the tools to answer them for themselves, by direct and careful observation and thought.

From the earliest school experience, making sense of their place in the work in Understanding the World, through to Key Stage 2 and beyond, we want to foster our children’s sense of wonder at the beauty, complexity and diversity of the world around them. 


  • Have the right to enjoy and reach their full potential in Geography regardless of physical ability, race, gender, stage of achievement or economic circumstance. 
  • Develop an informed concern about the quality of our environment and the future of the human habitat. 
  • Develop an awareness of their locality and the wider world, using a range of geographical enquiry skills including fieldwork, geographical vocabulary, making and using maps and interpreting photographs and aerial photographs. 
  • Balance the finding of information with investigation and exploration.
  • Understand different societies and cultures and realise how nations rely on each other
  • Be inspired to think about their own place in the world, their values and their rights and responsibilities to other people. 
  • Develop ideas of citizenship and challenge stereotypes.
  • Think more deeply, moving from finding a simple answer to a question to comparing and contrasting and then evaluating information and synthesizing their own knowledge. 
  • Demonstrate a strong knowledge of the world around them.

Geography Programme of Study