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Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School

Religious Education

Religious Education is at the centre of our curriculum and community at Holy Ghost.

As stated in our Mission Statement, our learning is ‘a joyful celebration of God’s creation and a lasting source of radiance and wonder’. In RE, throughout a wide range of Christ centred topics, we encourage children to develop their love of Christ, theological wonder and personal engagement with their faith. Taught so that pupils explore, engage and develop their own inquisitiveness, the children are appropriately challenged to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the faith, their engagement and response and how it is influenced by the works of God and others. Our key values and beliefs of our faith permeate throughout our day-to-day life at Holy Ghost through child led prayer, worship and learning. Children are encouraged to think theologically and ethically over a range of contexts and in doing so develop their awareness of ‘the demands to religious commitment in everyday life’. 


Using “The Way, The Truth and The Life” as a basis of our taught curriculum, at Holy Ghost within the classroom and through the wider school life, we aim to provide rich learning and opportunities for the children to:

  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith. 
  • Engage and know key stories from the Bible.
  • Promote their innate capacity for wonder, mystery and spirituality. 
  • Understand, know and discuss how their beliefs and moral values are influenced by others. 
  • Develop their awareness and understanding of other faiths. 
  • Engage in prayer respectfully and maturely, to develop their interpersonal relationship with God. 
  • Have an understanding and awareness of the meaning of scripture and lessons taught. 
  • Develop a thirst for learning of their faith and an appreciation that it is a life-long pursuit guided by the spirit and the presence of Christ, in the service of God and others. 
  • Encourage independent study, investigation and reflection. 

Religions Education Programme of Study